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Questionnaire which aims at developing a self-help program intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
Nehmen Sie sich bitte ein paar Minuten Zeit für diese Umfrage. Ihr Ziel ist es, ein Selbsthilfeprogramm zu entwickeln für Menschen, die Darstellungen des sexuellen Kindesmissbrauchs (CSAM) oder illegale Gewaltdarstellungen anschauen: ReDirection.
Tómese algunos minutos para responder este cuestionario que busca desarrollar un programa de auto-ayuda para personas que usan material de abuso sexual de niñas, niños y adolescentes o material ilegal violento.
Prenditi alcuni minuti per rispondere a questo questionario, il cui scopo è sviluppare un programma di auto-aiuto di ReDirection per persone che utilizzano materiale abusivo su bambini o materiale illegale e violento.
Уделите несколько минут заполнению этой анкеты, цель которой - разработать программу самопомощи ReDirection для людей, использующих материалы с сексуальным насилием над детьми или противозаконные материалы, изображающие сцены насилия.
Tämän kyselyn tuloksia hyödynnetään uuden ReDirection omahoito-ohjelman kehittämiseen henkilöille, jotka haluavat lopettaa lapsiin kohdistuvaa seksuaaliväkivaltaa tai muuta väkivaltaa sisältävän laittoman kuvamateriaalin käytön.
Leidke mõni minut, et vastata küsimustikule, mille eesmärk on välja töötada ReDirectioni eneseabi programm inimestele, kes kasutavad laste seksuaalse väärkohtlemise materjali (child sexual abuse material-CSAM) või ebaseaduslikku vägivaldset materjali.
I don't need any help. Would you like to tell us the reason for this?
Self-help program is primarily intended for people who are worried about their sexual interest, thoughts, feelings or actions concerning children.
ReDirection self-help program for people who are worried about their use of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)!
What is it all about when my sexual interest is directed towards children considerably younger than myself?
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It took me a while to home in on it but this year the title of my theme will be " Year of Small. " I ' ll be focusing on all things small: Small people: spending time with and giving the best life to my now 9-month-old son.
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. & nbsp; He has several medical conditions and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans and thongs & nbsp; The 30-year-old is known to frequent Albury-Wodonga. & nbsp; Anyone who sees Mr Csatlos is urged to call (03) 9767 7444. & nbsp; /images/transform/v1/crop/frm/u2TKvX7hYXGMrKgrD4ZiFN/8e8e1825-a7a2-4a41-ac7e-f060c1fc5948.png/r0_158_375_370_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg January 4 2018 - 8:37AM Search for missing man Christopher Csatlos Blair Thomson Local News...
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NATURAL NEWS Defending Health, Life and Liberty COVID jabs unleashed 12 sigma mass death event By ethanh // 2024-03-12 Tweet Share Copy There is no more denying that Operation Warp Speed, the federal government's fast-tracked Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccine" unleashing scheme, was a premeditated genocide of the American people – so much so, in fact, that COVID jabs are now considered to be a 12-sigma event.
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Tempe police said 17-year-old Antonio Misquez was booked and is facing 2nd degree murder charges in relation to the May 8 incident. The victim who tried to help and ended up being killed has been identified as 22-year-old Joseph DeLegge.
Mahfuz/BenarNews Former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin pleaded not guilty Friday as a local court charged him with multiple counts of abuse of power and money laundering linked to a COVID-19 relief program that his government implemented during the pandemic. The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court charged the 75-year-old opposition leader and head of the Bersatu party with four counts of abuse of power to solicit bribes worth 232.5 million ringgit (U.S. $51.3 million)...
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Thank you to BBC India for honouring me with the BBC Indian Sportswoman Of The Year award. " Mirabai Chanu: ' 4am truck rides to training were the only way ' Born in Manipur state, in the north-east of India, the 27-year old learned her craft by carrying firewood from the hills to her home. " My brothers used to carry the wood in multiple trips " , she told the BBC. " But I used to carry it all in one go. " Chanu won the gold medal in the 48kg division at...
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