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According to Symantec ' s report, the malware is written in Golang an... 0 0 0 more Drugs - February 17, 2023 Adrenochrome A popular drug in Hollywood that prolongs youth and life. In fact, everything is not so rosy, roughly speaking, adrenochrome is blood with a high content of adrenaline.
All that talk about blood and vital organs, though, hearkens back to the QAnon conspiracy trend and earlier reports we published about CPS (Child Protective Services) abductions and the adrenochrome situation. Is this new Stanford study an attempt to normalize the idea of exploiting children for their "anti-aging" body parts?
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Got Banned. guest_6596 : Frazzledrip was the video of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abdin slaughtering a small child for adrenochrome. guest_6048 : hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh guest_6048 : hi guest_5111 : wow cool guest_2063 : hi guys guest_6562 : boo guest_12 : alien?