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Contact Kaizushi You can contact me by email on [email protected] You can contact me by XMPP on kaizushi@infantilefb6ovh4.onion (this requires an account on the same server) You will find keys on my KLOS contact page . Hosted by Kaizushi's Little Onion Server PGP keys for Kaizushi
. ** [irc://kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion:6667 kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion] - owned by wowaname < br/>plaintext ports: 6667, [irc://kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion:7777 7777]; ssl: [ircs://kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion:6697 6697], [ircs://kitsune6uv4dtdve.onion:9999 9999]. * [irc://infantilefb6ovh4.onion:6667 Infantile], a friendly new IRC server. ===URC=== [https://opalrwf4mzmlfmag.onion/files/anonet/urc.htm URC] is a decentralized chat protocol aimed as a replacement for IRC.
. * [http://cyjabr4pfzupo7pg.onion/ CYJABR] - CYRUSERV Community Jabber server, redirects to infantile . * [http:// infantilefb6ovh4 .onion/ Infantile XMPP] - Infantile XMPP Server. * [http://adamantmsg72ixni.onion/ ADAMANT Messenger] - Tor app for Decentralized anonymous Messenger.